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UC San Diego Inclusive Access

Providing UC San Diego students with Required Course Materials before the first day of class at the lowest possible cost


  • Reducing the cost of course materials
  • Improving educational outcomes for students
  • Increasing the sustainability of course materials

The process is simple:

  • Instructors choose to have a course as part of the UC San Diego Inclusive Access program
  • Students will have free access to their materials in Canvas by or before the first day of class through the add/drop date
  • During that time, students can decide whether they want to opt-out and purchase their materials another way or continue to use the materials in Canvas
  • If a student does not opt-out, the charge will be placed on their student account around 3-4 weeks after classes begin

Fall '23 and Winter '24:

  • $2.2 million in students saving
  • 28,251 students served
  • 1019 sections

Student Frequently Asked Questions

How does UC San Diego Inclusive Access work?
All course materials are digitally available to students in Canvas. Course materials will be digital eBooks or Courseware.

Digital eBooks
Students will receive an email from 'donotreply@redshelf.com' with the eBook title and course information.
You may access your digital bookshelf in Canvas. If you see a ‘BryteWave Course Materials’ link located in the navigation panel, it will take you to your digital bookshelf, which will have all your eBooks and coded courseware for the term (and, in some cases, you may see lifetime books from past terms). An example of a coded courseware is Pearson MyLab. These codes have a quick copy-to-clipboard function to help you paste them on instructor-provided URLs. More information on your digital bookshelf.
Some courseware is accessible from links that your professor(s) and publishers input into Canvas. Please note that you may be required to set up an account with the publisher to access the materials.
All students will have access to this type of courseware until the term’s drop/add deadline, even if you opted out. Should you decide to opt out, you will no longer have access to the materials once the drop/add deadline has passed.

What is the cost of this program and how much do I save?
Prices vary from course to course. The course materials charges are typically discounted 25-60% off the print price and 10-20% off the standard digital price.

When is the opt-out date?
The opt-out dates change each quarter. It is normally 2 weeks after the first day of instruction and the same date as the add/drop deadline.

How do I opt-out of the program?
If you wish to opt-out of the program and purchase your materials another way, either through the Campus Store or elsewhere, simply go to https://accessportal.follett.com/2298 by the opt-out deadline (the add/drop date) and create an account. Once you are logged in, you will see a personalized list of your UC San Diego Inclusive Access courses and be able to opt-out or opt-back-in to a course. It is that simple.

How will I know if I opted out successfully?
Log into the customer portal at https://accessportal.follett.com/2298. You will be able to see on your personalized list if you are opted-in or out of the course.

If I have opted-out and wish to be opted back in, can I re-enter the UC San Diego Inclusive Access program?
Students will have until 11:59 PM on the add/drop date to finalize their participation in the UC San Diego Inclusive Access program. If you need to be opted back in, please visit https://accessportal.follett.com/2298 before 11:59 PM on the add/drop date. Log in to see a personalized list of your UC San Diego Inclusive Access courses and you will be able to opt-out or opt-back-in to a course.

I already have a copy of the textbook. If I opt-out, can I opt-out of just the eBook but maintain access to the other online material?
No; choosing to opt-out of the material means you choose to opt-out of the eBook as well as any other online component (ex: Connect, Mastering, MyLab, etc.) required for the course.

If my course materials include homework tools and I decide to opt-out, will I lose the work I have already completed?
If you purchase the materials from a different source and use the same credentials (email) to log in, your work will be retained.

Where can I access my materials?
Your materials are available via a link placed in your course’s Canvas (usually on the left-side menu). Your instructor should be able to tell you exactly where the link was placed.

If I opted-out of a course and changed sections, do I have to opt-out again?

If I dropped a course, do I still have to opt-out?
No, if you drop by the campus refund deadline, you will be removed from the program when you drop the course.

I am retaking a course that is participating in UC San Diego Inclusive Access. Do I have to pay again?
If you are retaking a course, please contact us at textbooks@ucsd.edu to confirm if you will need to pay for the materials. For a majority of the courses, access is only valid for multiple quarters, but the bookstore can help confirm.

How is UC San Diego Inclusive Access materials billed on student account?
Your UCSD Student Account will show a charge listed as “Course Materials Central Charge" on billing statement.

Faculty Frequently Asked Questions (coming soon)