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UC San Diego Bookstore Operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

To help our staff, students, faculty, vendors and visitors feel safe in our facilities, we have implemented these safety protocols and business practices.

Employee Health and Safety Protocols

  • Employees must complete mandatory COVID-19 Return to Work training before reporting to campus. The Return to Work online class must be taken and examination passed before Bookstore, Sunshine market, and Audrey’s Café staff can report back to work.
  • In accordance with the current San Diego County Health Order, all employees who are reporting to campus for work must conduct a daily self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms using the online screening tool.
  • Employees who have a fever, cough or other COVID-19 symptoms should not report to work and must contact their supervisor.
  • We trained our employees on proper safety and sanitization procedures and posted required COVID-19 signage at workstations.
  • All employees must wear disposable or cloth face masks and gloves while working.
  • We maintain soap and hand sanitizer supplies to ensure that employees can wash their hands frequently per CDC recommendations. Sanitizing wipes in break rooms and the locker room allow employees to clean common surfaces after each break and shift change.
  • The following disinfectant brands will be used to sanitize the Bookstore operations (SparSan, Hillyard Quick & Clean Germicidal disinfectant wipes, Spartan Hard Surface wipes, Clean Life, Purell, and Uncle Pete’s Hand Sanitizers)
  • Staff regularly clean and disinfect high-touch objects and surfaces, such as workstations, cash registers, payment terminals, door handles, tables, chairs, countertops, faucets, refrigerators and microwaves.
  • We have reduced sharing of work tools and equipment, such as phones, keyboards, cash registers and point-of-sale devices. Employees must disinfect all shared items before and after use.
  • If a COVID outbreak occurs in the Bookstore operations, Level 4 cleaning would be performed by facilities management campus custodial service.
  • To ensure that employees maintain at least six feet of physical distance from each other whenever possible, we will:
    • Modify work processes
    • Stagger breaks and modify break room seating
    • Limit the number of staff that can utilize the employee breakroom to 4 people of less
    • Possibly reconfigure office spaces for onsite staff while some employees work remotely

Customer Health and Safety Protocols

We are implementing these measures at the UC San Diego Bookstore, Sunshine Market and Audrey’s Café to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • The Bookstore will continue to offer customers online sales, delivery and service window pickup.
  • Required COVID-19 signage appears at entrances to inform and remind customers about our policy changes to keep them safe while shopping.
  • Customers must wear face covering inside all our facilities. We will sell a selection of disposable and cloth face masks for customers to purchase. If a customer forgets to bring a mask, the Bookstore will provide a disposable 3-ply masks to them. The service will not be publicize and will be treated on a case to case basis.  If a person refuse to wear a face mask in our facilities, loss prevention will contact campus PD for assistance.
  • Portable hand-sanitizing stations will be available at entrances.
  • 1 Person Max Capacity on Elevator in the Bookstore.
  • Drinking Fountains in Bookstore have been turned off per COVID-19 guidance from the California Department of Public Health.  We encourage faculty, staff, and students to bring their own water bottles and refill them at hydration locations.
  • Maximum Restroom Occupancy: 6 feet apart, wear face mask, and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before you exit.
  • Loss Prevention will monitor via security cameras in the Bookstore and Sunshine Market to ensure social distancing protocols are being met.  They will remind customers and staff to practice social distancing if congregation occurs.  We will also have 4-6 full-time staff monitoring the selling floor each day to promote social distancing measures for our staff and customers.
  • The Bookstore will have one entry point (Lyman Entrance) and Exit point (Price Center Common area) for our customers.
  • We installed face and sneeze-guard barriers at cash registers, information desks and customer service areas.
  • Greeters at Bookstore and Sunshine Market entrances will monitor and limit the number of shoppers in the store at one time. (Note: Maximum occupancy is subject to change based on the latest State and County guidance.)
    • Maximum 92 shoppers in the bookstore
    • Maximum 21 shoppers in the Sunshine Market
  • Six-foot physical distancing floor stickers or blue tape guide customer traffic to reduce contact and maintain minimum distance at all queuing areas.
  • Signs at cash registers encourage cashless transactions.
  • Sales registers will be spaced six feet apart when multiple registers are in use.
  • Cashiers will:
    • Wear disposable face masks and gloves
    • Have disinfectant spray and wipes to clean counters and workstations
  • Cashiers at the Sunshine Market and Audrey’s Café will have access to a sink behind the counter to wash their hands frequently.
  • Only one cashier will handle transactions in the computer store.
  • Staff at the Sunshine Market and Audrey’s Café will clean and sanitize registers, counters, door handles, baskets, microwaves and coffee levers every 15-30 minutes.
  • Custodians and student employees will clean and sanitize bookstore restrooms, telephones, cash registers, counters, door handles, shopping baskets, rental books and workstations every 30-60 minutes.
  • We may revise store hours as needed.

UC San Diego COVID-19 Updates

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