Rainbow Bridge

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RAINBOW BRIDGE is an original graphic novel from Steve Foxe and SteveOrlando - the first to be published under AfterShock's new YA imprint: SEISMICPRESS.

What if the Rainbow Bridge was the Bifrost?

ANDY's parentsrescued ROCKET when Andy was just a toddler, and they grew up together, withRocket serving as Andy's guardian through every one of childhood's ups anddowns. So when Rocket passes away right before Andy's 14th birthday, he'srudderless. High school is coming soon and he can't imagine making thattransition without Rocket at his side. The day before school starts, when Andyis at his lowest, he visits Rocket's grave, and unexpectedly summons the RAINBOWBRIDGE, a gateway to a fantasy world where pets discover theirafterlife.

One part heaven and one part limbo, this is a final restingplace for pets - but also a realm where any unfinished business must becompleted, before restless pet souls twist into bizarre, seemingly malevolentwraiths that haunt the periphery of this otherwise splendid paradise. It'sextremely rare for a human to visit this realm, but Rocket and Andy find eachother again in this wondrous pet Valhalla to go on one last epic adventure tohelp Rocket reunite with his lost littermate, fulfilling Rocket's last wishes.Here, the roles are reversed, as Andy has to be the strong one and supportRocket in his quest for closure. By adventure's end, Andy finally gains theconfidence to let go of his childhood and enter the next phase of his life,starting his first day of high school.

RAINBOW BRIDGE is aimed primarilyat younger readers, on the border of middle grade and YA, but should resonatewith anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to a beloved pet - or anyone whogreeted growing up with nervousness and anxiety. Like JOE THE BARBARIAN beforeit, RAINBOW BRIDGE can address the lines between reality and fantasy (althougheverything in the book is portrayed as actually happening), wish fulfillment andpersonal growth, childhood and young adulthood. There are also themes ofovercoming trauma, and of compassion for animals. The Realm Beyond the RainbowBridge is shaped by its inhabitants, and contains vast fantasy vistas inspiredby the adventures pets and their owners, especially kids, imagine forthemselves.

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